Wants and Dont Wants

2015 was a life altering year for me. I embarked on new professional opportunities, changed my lifestyle drastically, and underwent some health set backs. With so much changing, I started to think about where my life was headed and what my next direction looked like. Although I am still learning and discovering, I know that there are a few things that I want, and others that I dont want.


  • Financial freedom and wealth
  • Freedom of time
  • Constantly be learning and sharing knowledge with others
  • Healthy and high quality nutrition
  • Mental health and acquity
  • Experience life extraordinarily
  • Love and happiness with family and friends

Dont Wants

  • Not to have to work for money all my life
  • Any form of financial debt
  • Spending my time and life doing things I do not believe in
  • Sacrificing health and diet due to anything
  • Be normal and average
Written on July 27, 2016