From Typo to Tumblr

I’ve been meaning to update the Typo install that runs this site but never got the chance to do it. I looked around for a bit trying to find a replacement and finally settled on tumblr. As a result of that choice I had to cobble up a way to export posts from Typo 5.0.2 to Tumblr.

After a bit of googling around I ran across a few scripts that people wrote that seemed to work to a certain point then crash. Some were old and some werent compatible with my version of Typo. After a bit more searching and tinkering around I found some Ruby code here that allowed me to publish the Typo database to a Wordpress compatible xml file that I was able to push to Tumblr using their (simpler) V1 API with a bit of Ruby:

require “rubygems” require “hpricot” require “net/http” require “uri” require “cgi”

def http_get(domain,path,params) return Net::HTTP.get(domain, “#{path}?”. concat(params.collect { |k,v| “#{k}=#{CGI::escape(v.to_s)}” }.join(‘‘&’’))) if not params.nil? return Net::HTTP.get(domain, path) end

doc = open(“wp.xml”) { f Hpricot(f) }

(doc/”item”).each do |item| params = {
:email => “email”, :password => “password”, :type => “regular”, :state => “published”, :format => “markdown”, :date =>‘‘wp:post_date’’).innerHTML, :tags => (item/”category”).collect{|category| category.innerHTML}.join(“,”), :title =>‘‘title’’).innerHTML, :body =>‘‘content:encoded’’).innerHTML, }

Net::HTTP.post_form(URI.parse(“”), params) end

I’ve finally moved away from that old install - one less thing to worry about (I hope!).

Written on August 26, 2012