Finder -> Frisk (0.0.1)

Yes, I’ve called it Frisk! Version 0.0.1 is ready, no public release yet, but I’m started to feel fairly happy with the solid foundations Frisk is being built on top. As it stands, there are 3 libraries (aside the other libraries from the EFL) that are being built: fkinetic, fthumbnailer, and fmultiscale. The first being a generic kinetic movement area, the second being a distributed thumbnailer and caching engine, and the third being the code display widget that lays out images and decides how to move them around and manipulate them.

I’m coming up with TODO lists for each of the sub-projects, so far, I have one for fmultiscale. I’m going to add more info to a page dedicated to this project.

Written on June 25, 2008