rm -rf ubuntu && cat gentoo.iso > /dev/sda1

I was running Ubuntu 7.10 since it got out on my box at home and its been treating me pretty nicely. Last night, I tried to use the internet updater to move to 8.04. After installing the system and rebooting to use the new kernel, I was greeted with a funky looking display. Everything was blurred, and looked like crap. After looking into it, apparently the version of X with Ubuntu 8.04 and the xorg intel video driver don’t work nicely together. I tried updating the entire thing from git, and still no dice. I so could not be bothered with it, i just cp -R’ed / into another directory, and decided to back to something I enjoyed using more, Gentoo, which is installing and updating world as we speak. It feels good to be back. (=

Written on April 28, 2008