On Facebook and 65543 friends

So whats the deal with people on Facebook having 65543 friends and whatnot? Well maybe not that much, but still, having a lot of friends.I have 61 friends, and I’m overwhelmed with all sorts of annoying feeds here and there and every-effin-where. I dont know who just played poker, I dont know who went to I dont know what event, someone just got bitten-axed-limbs-torn-up by I dont know who… That’s just silly. I could turn off all this sort of stuff by filtering most of it out, but, then again, (1) I can not be bothered setting up this stuff for every annoying feed type, and (2) I really do not care about this stuff (and most of the time, the people behind this stuff). So what am I going to do? Pretty simple and to the point, if your constant updates and feeds annoy me, I’m going to politely remove you off my Facebook profile. Don’t take this the wrong way, you’re just annoying me more than you’re making me happy knowing about your life by having you on Facebook. Message me or something if you ever want to talk. (=

Written on December 22, 2007